Zoning Conformance Summary

Our Zoning Conformance Summary includes verbal confirmation for Zoning, C of O’s and Violations, all code sections, a review of all the documents and they are issued with a conformance status of either Legal Conforming, Legal Nonconforming, or Nonconforming.

With this service, we do not obtain written Zoning Letter, Certificates of Occupancy (if available), Zoning Violations, Building Violations, Fire Code Violations, and Condemnation. (See Zoning Conformance Report for these items)

We review all property zoning requirements including: District Regulations, Zoning Approvals and Planned Unit Developments. If there are any variances or applicable overlay districts, copies are obtained and reviewed for conformance

We review an ALTA Survey (provided by client) to insure that all current zoning requirements are met. When there are nonconformities on the property These will be addressed and determined if they are Legal or not. If the Property is Legal Nonconforming, we will include the reconstruction clause in the report. We will provide you this report in a PDF via email.

Each report is covered with $1,000,000.00 of E & O insurance.

In order to provide this report, our clients must provide the following:

  • Current ALTA Survey or Appraisal
  • Tax Parcel ID or Block and Lot (if available)
  • Property Address & Use
  • Tenant List or Unit Mix
  • Date of Construction (if available)

If you currently have Certificates of Occupancy, previous or current Zoning Letters from the Municipality, Site Plans, or any other items that may speed up the process, please forward these with your order. This helps us keep cost down so we may continue to provide you with quality reports at competitive rates.

Zoning Conformance Summary Reports are a flat fee of $575.00