Live Zoning Report Tracking

We provide you with 24/7 access to all information through our Live Zoning Report, which is our online system that can be accessed from any device with internet access.  This system allows you to view all municipality documents as soon as we receive them, view zoning district requirements that your surveyor may require, and view the report and conformance as it comes together live. We answer any questions you may have as fast as possible, this is all part of providing you the service you deserve.  We guarantee you will receive the greatest customer service, of all the companies providing this service.  When an order is placed in our system, you will receive a confirmation e-mail telling you who is working on it and that will be your single point of contact for that deal.  If you have a portfolio of deals you will still receive one point of contact and the best portfolio tracking and completion time in the industry.

Zoning-Info, Inc. provides twice-weekly status reports via e-mail.  Every Sunday and Wednesday afternoon you will receive an e-mail, listing all of your sites, telling you where we are and if we are waiting for information from you.  If we require more information from you we will request it.  Status e-mails include needed information also so that we can make sure everyone understands where we are on your report.