Zoning-Info, Inc. was founded in October 2000, by Donna Lankford.

Zoning-Info, Inc. is an international due diligence Zoning Report and Zoning Letter provider. Over the years we have analyzed billions of dollars in real estate property transactions with over 60,000 orders placed by our ever-expanding list of clients. Zoning-Info, Inc. provides zoning reports to law firms, banks, investors, property managers, property developers, and government agencies. Our clients continuously remark how our service saves them time, company resources, and budget busting expenses.

Our clients benefit from our expansive library of up-to-date municipal zoning ordinances, a dedicated research team, zoning analysts providing the quickest response time available, and the comfort of knowing our conclusions are backed by $1,000,000.00 in E&O Insurance for every zoning report we produce for you.